Why CPR Training is important

Misunderstanding CPR can keep people from acting and cost lives.  When a Heart Stops, seconds matter and many times when a person suffers Cardiac Arrest away from a hospital, people in a position to help don’t/can’t.

Each minute that CPR is not performed on a person suffering Cardiac Arrest, their odd of survival is decreased by 10%.

According to AHA statistics, roughly 350,000 U.S. adults suffer an out of hospital Cardiac Arrest annually in the United States.  Only about 40% of these cases, lay rescuers or bystanders administer CPR.

Research shows that people in low-income neighborhoods are less likely to administer CPR than those in neighborhoods with higher incomes, and women are less likely to receive CPR than men.

Research shows that more than 70% of Cardiac Arrests happen in a home or private residence, so learning CPR should be part of every family’s safety plan.

Dr Jose Cabanas, chief medical officer for Wake County, NC says “The biggest risk is not doing something.”

Cabanas also states, “Saving people from sudden Cardiac Arrest takes a community effort, when we see jurisdictions, cities and countries that have higher survival rates, its because the community engages, and the community is participating in these events.”

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